ON OCTOBER 11, 1978


“There is a great surge toward men learning how to meditate.  Meditation most certainly has advantages; but, in the degree, the manner, and for the purposes this practice is being motivated, instructed in and set up as a development for personal mental powers beyond the normal capacity of man, it encourages reaching out for great Spiritual contacts, giving a context of ideology.

The True Church that God instituted for our mental, physical and Spiritual strength and growth, has every measure for human development in It that man needs, eliminating a fanatical, ethereal approach, so that man will never become unstable in his path to God.

It stands to reason and it is reasonable, it is logical, that when men go overboard in stressing mental brainwashing, there will have to be an imbalance in attitude and imbalance in sound reasoning.  To stress, to push, to put total concentration on mental contemplation, mental communication with unknown avenues, the physical, the mental must have a breaking point somewhere.  The nervous system, in such control of dominance of mind over matter, does not just develop the brain capacity, but who is to say the meditation is of all good and in the context God would decree it to be?

To develop one’s mind is reasonable, necessary, and in some ways, a great help to the individual, and through the individual, to the world; but, there is a great difference between the development of a mind for productive intelligent purposes, and this overpowering development for only personal strengths, unnatural control.”

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