ON AUGUST 14, 1979


“You are Roman Catholic.  This makes you a Christian, but it gives your religious behavior, beliefs and Faith in God a definite structure to follow, not just the broad range of believing in God, being a Christian.

To be a Roman Catholic carries responsibility of support, practice, interest, belief, Purpose, Goal, standard, view, in which, by which, through which, for which, we were born.  The standards are sure, positive, and as intended by God in the beginning, were to give stability and strength to man’s Faith, in a positive direction that was sound, truthful, logical and wise, showing the Force of God’s personal intercession in establishing and instituting this Great Church.

Holy Mother Church was established by Saint Joseph.  The Tabernacle was and is Our Heavenly Mother.  The Son of God, Our Lord, taught what the Church was to teach, and in His Final Role upon the earth, gave to the world the Priesthood.  There are so many things that, through time, have lost their full meaning because translation has produced misinterpretation.

Stop letting people describe Roman Catholicism as just Christianity, eliminating the words and meaning of Roman Catholicism.  This is a devious way in introducing and accomplishing a ‘one world church’.  Through the broad range continued use of this word ‘Christianity’, man will begin to eliminate Roman Catholicism and join different denominations of Faith together.  It is a watering down of the fullness for which Holy Mother Church was founded.

Think about this:  A ‘one world church’ would eliminate the Holy Father.  Who would head this ‘one world church’?  Think about this question.  It is something that you should not just be indifferent to or let someone else worry about.  It is your responsibility, it is your privilege and it is your right.  You must take a stand against what is happening and take part in the correction of it.”

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