ON NOVEMBER 10, 1979


“Men talk about updating their religion.  What they mean by this is to put their religious Faith into a category of modernization, relaxed thinking, and in a realm of immature feasibility, adjusting all portions of it to their lack of self-control and lack of self-discipline.

Updating, to many people, shows a sincere lack of their true knowledge of how their religion was established, instituted, and the orthodoxy of its foundation.

Updating oftentimes means new theory, new thinking, relaxed acceptance of others’ opinions, which eliminates the sound, logical foundation that was the stable force for this God-given religion.  The religion spoken of here, of course, is Roman Catholicism.

The best way to update Roman Catholicism is to learn more about it, the development of it, the reasons in it, and the reasons for it.

Updating one’s own thinking can very easily mean to become informed, understanding the structure, the purpose, the standards, the values and the goal.

Updating does not mean to change the formula, but to strengthen what we already have, using sound values, sound logic, sound reason, and truth.”

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