ON NOVEMBER 14, 1979


“3,000 YEARS AGO

God, through Moses, gave us the Ten Commandments.  These Ten Commandments are every man’s responsibility and privilege.

For 3,000 years, all of men’s laws, rules and justice structure have used These Ten Commandments as the means, formula, format and standards, from which and in which men are judged by other men.  It is our duty to keep and uphold God’s Ten Commandments.

Because These Ten Commandments were from God, They are indestructible, and it is because They are His that They have had the strength to be the Guidelines for all men for 3,000 years.


God, in His Love for man, gave to the world a chosen Church, chosen by Him, established by Him, and instituted by Him, for all time to come.  It is important for all men to see Holy Mother Church as the ‘chosen’ form of Religious Faith for the whole world.

Men know that God Himself established and instituted this Church.  Along with This, He established the foundation for the blessed vocation of the Priesthood, this Priesthood being distinct in that Christ Himself walked with the Apostles, taught them personally, and instructed them in the exactness He wanted handed down through the ages.  He gave each of them the Facts, Truths and Privilege to extend to all mankind the Ultimate Gift of Love, ‘Personal Communion’ with Him.

There is a great responsibility to each person who has been given the Gift of Faith in Holy Mother Church to respond to this Faith and uphold it with dignity.

The Roman Catholic Church did not just happen through man.  It was God’s Will and He Himself established It.  There can be no sound argument against this.

Here again, what has been begun by God is Indestructible.


In our time, God has once again blessed the world with Teaching, Direction, and a way for men to once again see the Value, the Reason, the Purpose and the Goal of life for each man’s Soul.  This time He repeats with great emphasis on man’s need, obligation, privilege, regarding the Ten Commandments as a way of life towards saving his Soul.

To reach man, God uses man in the human form.  He did it with the Ten Commandments and in the establishment of Holy Mother Church.  In handing to the world His Ten Commandments, He passed These through a man named ‘Moses’.  In the establishment of Holy Mother Church, He Himself took the form of man and walked in the midst of man so men would not reject the Phenomena, but be able to relate to the Teaching, the Direction, and accept with logic and reasoning, what they were being directed in.

God’s Method is always one of Great Wisdom, and one in which He understands the manner how men will accept What He is sending for their own good.

This time He sends His Direction through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  Men say, ‘What is The Miracle Of Saint Joseph?’ just as in the time of Moses, men questioned what Moses was doing with These Rules, These Commandments.  But, in spite of man then, and in spite of men’s questions now, God’s Will has been perpetuated to give man thousands and thousands and thousands of Words for the good of men’s Souls.

Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, along with the Teaching and Direction and Formal Revelation, God has requested a City to be built.  Also, God has announced that Saint Joseph was more than a man-made Saint, that His Position, His Place upon the earth was more than men saw it to be.  In reality, it was God Himself, the Wisdom of God, that came to the earth to establish Holy Mother Church through the living form of a Man called ‘Joseph’.

Through centuries, men have depicted This Portion of The Holy Family in a totally humanistic manner of thinking, omitting the fact, the truth, the obvious, that This Person had to be more than mere man to carry through in the responsible position of The Protector, The Provider of Our Blessed Mother and The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity.

For 2,000 years, God allowed men to picture Saint Joseph as mere man, to relate to Him in this way.  There is always Great Reason and Purpose for God’s Actions.  Because of Saint Joseph’s position as the Head of The Holy Family, God most certainly wanted men to imitate Him, to use Him as the Guideline and the Example for their own lives.

The time has come that God wants the world to know that Saint Joseph was more than man.  He was the Ultimate Example, because He was a Portion of, He was a Part of, He was God Himself, the Wisdom and the Hope for mankind.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph boldly announced This Great Phenomenon to the world.  Men hide in corners, wondering if it can be true, how it can be true, why was it not mentioned before this?  It is true, for Heaven announced it so.  It does not change the History of man, it does not change the History of Holy Mother Church; it only emphasizes more, God’s Love for mankind.

Another part of God’s Purpose for This Great Miracle Of Saint Joseph was to re-establish the Faith in the Church that He Himself established and instituted, so He asked that a City be built and that in this City, All the facets of what He taught mankind through time be shown physically, in the minutest detail, for men to begin once again to learn the Value and Purpose of being man.

The City Of God is a project for man.  It is every Roman Catholic’s privilege and obligation to help build it according to God’s Will.  Such a major undertaking for God most assuredly is not just a layman’s privilege and obligation, but realistically falls into the privilege and obligation for the men in Holy Mother Church, from His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, through the ranks of the clergy, to help accomplish the Will of God in our time.”

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