ON NOVEMBER 15, 1979


“Man must deal with daily living.  He cannot bypass it nor can he eliminate it.  Daily living requires mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual coordination.

Whether man lives alone, or as part of a family, or in the confines of community life, there are all aspects of human behavior that must be taken into consideration.

Personal habits are an important part of daily living.  They require time, effort, and even consideration to carry them out effectively.  A relationship with other people takes time, effort, consideration, concern, and most certainly takes charity.  Each day man must deal with environment, with other people’s moods, habits, manners, decisions, opinions, likes and dislikes.

Family living is unique, for in it there is responsibility, there is dependence, there is obligation, there is protection, there is direction, there is teaching, there is provision, and of course, there is the Spiritual aspect of each one in the family.

Community living has definite rules, definite patterns conducive to all concerned.  Each one involved must participate and has obligation to perform in a given way.

Living by one’s self cannot be merely a selfish pattern for life, but it, too, has many portions of it that deal with the lives of other people.  Daily living begins at the moment of conception.  Each phase of life, each vocation of life deals with daily living.

The important thing we must always remember is every moment counts in our daily living, for we are accountable to God for each of them.”

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