ON JANUARY 10, 1980


“Where does your loyalty lie, rest?

How much loyalty are you capable of, to God, to your spouse, to your family, to your employer, to your patients or customers, to your friends?  First of all, do you understand what loyalty is?  Loyalty should not be based totally on your personal feeling for an individual.  There are many facets to loyalty.

Many times people lack loyalty unless they are feeling that they are on the receiving end.  Loyalty is rarely thought of in the degree of its importance.  Loyalty can be forfeited if a man is moody, egotistical, selfish, self-important, full of self-love, even corrupt.

They say there is ‘loyalty among thieves’.  The words sound beautiful, dependable, even emotional, but loyalty has its bounds of sincerity, dignity, caution, understanding, concern, responsibility.

Men speak of being loyal to their country.  Men speak of being loyal to their employer or their customers or their patients.  Men speak of loyalty to the flag.  Men speak of loyalty to the church of their choice.  How many men are loyal to God?  How many men are loyal to everything they can see, they can feel, they can relate to, but as soon as there is the slightest dissension, inconvenience, hurt, loyalty is weakened, and either reprimand, gossip or infidelity can take hold.

Loyalty should be treasured, and it should be recognized for the treasure it is.  A loyal spouse is like a jewel.  A loyal friend can never be replaced.  Loyalty bears integrity and puts the final touch on hope.  We depend upon God.  We are assured He will be loyal to us.  Are we loyal to Him?”

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