ON JANUARY 13, 1980


“There is nothing positive in a mystery.  Mysteries are talked about, thought about, pondered over, delved into, and analyzed, theorized; then there is a certain amount of guesswork.

Mystery is connected to many areas of our life.  Many scenarios are written about our Justice System, revolving around a mysterious happening.  The audience works hard at figuring out the plot, guessing who the villain is, and going into great detail over many other things that trigger the human mind into figuring out a mystery, always trying to find solutions to the mystery.

God, Who is the Greatest Mystery of all, does not seem to pose a big problem to some men.  They take for granted His being a Mystery, and some men who studied theology find it difficult to accept a Portion of the Mystery being solved for them because they were taught through translation of men and interpretations by men, that it was an unsolvable Mystery.

Sad to say, there is a lack of Faith in how God would work or might work to reveal something that would give strength and purpose to a portion of Bible History.

These men, rather than find a Great Lesson, a Great Reason, a Great Love in such a Revealing, weaken not just their ability to absorb God’s Generosity, Example and Love, but fight any change that they themselves were not in on when It was revealed.  A certain amount of ego comes into this picture, refusing to see the unfolding of a Great Mystery.

Men believe wholeheartedly that The Beloved Saint Joseph did not understand, know, or comprehend the Magnitude of His way of life.  They picture Him and depict Him as almost a man that was narrow in His thinking, introverted in His mannerisms, bearing only human instincts, understanding and thinking.

On the other hand, common sense, logic, speaks out loud that the interpretations and translations came down through time with only the closed minds of human opinion.

Saint Joseph being The Holy Ghost will make no man a Saint.  In the past, man not even thinking of this, made no man a Saint.  Only the actions of service, resulting in purity, can make man a Saint.

Changes in Holy Mother Church are accepted by so many men who have studied the designated format of theory, practice and teaching, even though these changes have disrupted the dignity, the piety, and the solemnity of the faithful to the point where there is discord, disruption, anxiety, hurt, even hate between the clergy and many of the faithful.  How can this be God’s Will, and so right for man, when wisdom tells us that Faith in God is peace of mind, body and Soul, and that when satan enters, there is turmoil, uneasiness, and no tranquillity for the mind, the body and the Soul?

The ‘new system’ favors Protestantism, emotionalism, and slight touches of pessimism.

When the faithful rightly and respectfully questioned the men in Holy Mother Church, they were insulted and made to look like stupid fools.  The so-called sheep, the faithful, were treated as though they were just that, sheep, not human beings with a will.  They were pushed into place by well-trained dogs, eliminating any freedom of dignity in devotion.

These are harsh Words, but They are spoken symbolically, which does not really make Them less true, only eases the impact of the harshness of the Words.”

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