“Each day during Lent, if you were asked to wear on your skin, or on your clothes, little notices of what sins you had committed that day, what reaction do you think people would have to you?

This statement alone would make man shudder, but we must remember that God sees us this way.  Isn’t it sad when we do not mind Him seeing us impure, unjust, disobedient, corrupt, immoral, indecent, immodest, but we do not want man to see our faults, our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, our wickedness, our impurity?  Why?

It is so important that each of us begins to balance our life differently.  During Lent, we must keep in mind at all times what we are doing to our Soul by our actions and in our example.  If there were no real Purpose for our human life, there would be no necessity for God giving us Faith in Him.  There would have been no need for us to have the Ten Commandments.  There would be no foundation for the justice system of man.  We would not be free to act, but we would be uncivilized in our actions.

Faith in God gives hope, strength, order.  This Lent, as we look at the condition of our Soul and Its Purpose, plus Its purity, we must not rationalize, but analyze our individual way of life and make the necessary changes that will benefit our Soul for All Eternity.”

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