ON FEBRUARY 13, 1980


“Family life can be a great means to becoming a Saint.  First, it entails all areas of self-control, self-discipline, with many areas for acts of charity, acts of self-denial, acts of sacrifice, and opportunities for sound moral values, sound moral standards, and good example.

Family life can be the foundation to give God many Saints.  It is never too late to start.  It is never too late to change the pattern that a family has begun in their action of Faith in God.

When individuals balk at what is right, what is good, what is sound, what will benefit him or her, or the family as a team, the very balking says irresponsibility, immaturity, and there is cause for alarm.  Prayer, in most cases, for this person is the answer, for all the talk in the world cannot supersede God’s Intercession.  Example, of course, is necessary, but prayer positively necessary.

It is time that families stop talking about communication and involve themselves in it in a manner and a way that is feasible, practical, logical, and is supported by Faith in God.

Many men reading this would say: ‘It is too late for us; it takes too much effort.  We’re over the hump.  It would be too much trouble now; it would cause more dissension.  I tried, but couldn’t do it.  It’s just too late.’ These, of course, are all negatives which probably, in the beginning, caused the basic problem in the first place.

Criticism in families is a great deterrent to happiness; selfishness, a major deterrent to happiness.  Laziness is a great deterrent to happiness.  Today, though we all know we cannot change many areas, or correct them overnight, we have a duty to those we love, to pray for them and not ignore them, giving up on them, or disowning them.  We must see them as God wants them, not allow our personal feelings to become more than God’s Intention for them.

Family life is a treasure and a responsibility.  These Words must be thought about and looked at in the degree that a positive action will help in many cases and situations.

Do not forget, not only certain members of a family were picked to become Saints. All members are on God’s list for this Goal of Life.”

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