ON FEBRUARY 14, 1980


“Very often a situation, a circumstance, an involvement, a prediction, an occurrence, just registers to us as something taking place, something for us to learn, something that we are a part of, something that we can have an opinion on, something that we automatically know is important, something that we feel has impact, something that we feel will affect our life in some way, some manner, some form.  The awareness of it is there, but the true depth of what is happening, or has happened, does not sink in to full understanding or true realization, or full comprehension of the total picture.

In some instances, after repeated times of the same involvement in and to particular things, we may feel that suddenly a ‘light’ has just come on in the full realization of what it is all about.  Like a ‘flash of light’ we may feel that we now know the full meaning, and see how we didn’t realize it before.

God knows this happens to us, and because it does happen, God gives us facts, directions, ways and steps to learn from, to follow in, for particular reasons, and always much time is connected with these measures of enlightenment, involvement.  God is repetitive in All Things that come to us for our Direction from Him.

When God gave us the Ten Commandments, He never allowed Them to leave our way of life.  They would crop up in different ways, through different people, in different degrees, at different times, for different reasons.  Sometimes They would just be there, and our attention would be drawn to Them automatically.

Two thousand years ago Holy Mother Church began and Holy Mother Church is still here.  Perhaps we take It for granted.  We do not truly realize the magnitude of It, but somewhere along the line, a ‘light’ goes on, and we begin to see a value to certain things, a beauty to other things, more understanding in particular ways, and of course, we find that we could not bear to not have Holy Mother Church available to us.  Its very existence repeats His Love in all Holy Mother Church stands for and gives to us.

The Sacrifice in Holy Mother Church is God Himself, and through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, men have again been taught, and their memory refreshed in, to what Magnitude God goes, to stay with us, to constantly be with us, and it is our privilege and our will as to how much we will use this knowledge in growing more in love with Him, gaining more Grace from Him, and being more example to others in the way He wants us to be.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph has repeatedly taught man for almost thirteen years to better understand the Purpose of life, to refresh his memory on how he offends God, and to remind man that The Rules of God, The Commands of God, hold firm three thousand years later, and that man must begin to not just see Them for the first time, but to follow the directions in Them for all time.

Let this Lent be a ‘shining light’ of understanding from us, giving each one of us trust in God above all things, love for Him above all things, and a sincere desire to return to Him, using all things in His Name, for we must never forget:

All we are, He made us,

All we have, He gave us,

All we must do, He wants from us,

All we must be, is His Will for us.”

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