ON MAY 12, 1980


“What triggered the major immoral explosion we are surrounded with, infiltrated by, and submerged in, in the time we live?

Once triggered, what kept this giant, immoral influx of social decay, mental immaturity, false Spiritual freedom, and physically violent attitude, expression and absorption, into such self-destruction?

Of course the answer is obvious and without refute.  The consistency of immoralities, causing a degeneracy of mind, body and Spiritual acceptance and growth, was a major diabolical infestation of demoniac infiltration thrust into the midst of man, bearing many avenues of, and in, moral decay, with the emphasis on sex, promiscuities, abortion, pornography, drugs, alcohol, indecencies, exposed and visual debaucheries by the entertainment world, created for excitement and emotionalism, tearing down the nervous system and the moral responsibilities innate in man.

In each of these areas, there are sides taken for the good and for the evil in each aspect of man’s intention and involvement.  How can man justify a decision that accepts immoral, illegal, impure action of any kind?  What caused a man’s thinking and will to such a degree, wherein he takes a strong stand against God and takes sides for God’s enemy to win?  Does this not show a demoniac pressure or force beyond normal means?


It is time for man to stand up for what is right, what is good, what is pure, what is obviously God’s Will.  It is also obvious that such a stand has to be taken on an individual basis, and in this manner and in this way, the example will show in such an obvious degree that men will have to stop, look, see and realize, that an individual standing so strong and so alone must be sure of what they are standing in and for, and this example, in such an obvious form, must and will create a magnitude of interest and finally support.  Men say, ‘I will be alone in the fight.’ Sometimes being alone in the fight proves more to all involved and concerned, for it is the strength of one, so many times, that gives others the strength to follow.

All great leaders were, in reality, alone, and it was the strength in their conviction, the strength in their beliefs, the strength in their plans, the strength in what motivated them, that gave others the strength to be part of a great plan.”

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