ON JANUARY 28, 1981


“A thought to hold constantly is this, that one Pure Soul just passing through Hell could remove all the darkness from Hell at that time.  Our Soul in a pure state, being of God, would have the power to remove darkness because of Who It not only represents, but Who It is a Part of, God.

The Importance of the Soul, the Magnitude of the Soul, the Beauty for which, and in which, and with which, God gave each man a Soul, is so that man would be in constant union with God, through the Spirit of God’s Love, God’s Mercy, and God’s Justice.

The Holy Spirit of God generates through The Holy Ghost, The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity.  This Person of The Blessed Trinity is in constant communication and union with each man’s Soul.

The Light of The Holy Ghost, through Divine Love, united with the Creativity of God, Our Heavenly Mother, says She conceived by The Holy Ghost, the Pure Spirit of God’s Love, giving to the world Another Part of God.  This Part would pass on to all of mankind forever, an understanding of Example, an understanding of the Purpose of life, and an understanding of the Importance of human life.  This Special Creativity of Life was beyond human understanding, but He allowed It to appear in Human Form so that men could relate to the Example and imitate the Purity of life that was expressed through The Holy Family.

To walk through life ignoring one’s Soul is beyond stupidity, it is beyond being ridiculous.  There are no words that can describe such human lack.  The time is now in the world for all men to become acquainted with their Soul as God intended them to know their Soul, in association with God, as That Part of man that is totally God-oriented.  Man’s Soul is the Container of man’s Faith in God.

The will of man is not just a characteristic of man, but a Blessed Gift from God, giving man the opportunity to choose to become a Saint for All Eternity.

It is sad that men can go years without being taught the Importance of the Soul, and it is great sadness when men are robbed of this great privilege of understanding the Soul.

All of The Saints in Heaven have come forward through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, teaching mankind how to become a Saint, how to go about it, how to change, what to change.  All The Saints, through the permission of God Himself, speak in a way understandable, not so profound They cannot be understood.

A wise man will decide that nothing in the world is more important than to become a Saint.  A wise man will begin at the moment the Light of Reality says, ‘You were born to become a Saint.’”

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