ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“The saying goes, ‘Every man has his price.’ What a terrible, degrading thought.  This means that a man’s dignity, integrity, ethics, knowledge, morality, can be bought with a mere monetary measure or bartered favor.

The Value of the Soul to God never diminishes.  There is no barter system in God’s Justice and Judgment.  When men put a price tag on their actions, and on their involvements with other men, in reality, they are selling their Soul to the devil through submission of their God-given rights of their will.  They are putting their Soul on the block to be used by someone else.  They are relinquishing their ‘Will’, their ‘Line of Decision’.  What a terrible curse for man to live with and live under.  The strain of this compromise would destroy a person mentally, if not physically.  To be owned by another man would be total devastation to human life and human dignity.

Never let anyone put a price tag on you.  Always remember your Soul will stand before God for a full accounting of every thought, word, deed and action you performed.

The Justice of God will prevail, and the Judgment of God will be Pure.  There will be no compromise, dickering, patronization, because the Justice and Judgment will be acted upon or in a Pure State of Divine Wisdom.  There is no price tag worthy of your Soul’s damnation.”

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