ON MARCH 6, 1981

“Let’s talk about one type of True Mysticism, a type wherein the Instrument hears no physical sound and sees no physical vision, but both of these are performed by God, allowed by God, to the Instrument, through the Eyes and Ears of the Soul of the Instrument.

There is no apparent sound to the Instrument’s ears, but the Instrument is aware of the deliverance of Messages, Directions, Teachings, that cannot be questioned, cannot be ignored, can, in no way, be changed.

Sound, as men know sound, has a confusion to it, and sound is distracting.  That is why when a True Mystic sees and hears through the Soul, it is pure in Its total essence and delivery.  In this type of receiving Direction, there is no chance for satan to enter, because satan cannot think God’s Way, and cannot precede the Direction given through the Instrument.  If he tries to interfere, God’s Power is greater, and his insolence, his arrogance, his hate, cannot penetrate the Direction that passes through the True Mystic.

In this form of submission to God’s Will, the True Mystic keeps saying, ‘I hear no sound, and I do not see like I ordinarily see, but I know It is indelibly marked in a clarity of purity that cannot be mistaken for anything but what It is.’ It is more than innocence on the part of the True Mystic, and it is more than Faith in what is happening, because along with the purity of tone with no sound, and vision with no sight, there is a positive assurance that is unquestionable, and the Instrument is fully aware of none of It coming through the brainwaves of thought, or the sight from the eyes that is a normal experience of everyday life.  Also, such purity in sight and in hearing eliminates imagination or even the desire to use any basic knowledge that has been learned.  The Instrument recognizes the Ultimate Wisdom, and refuses to dare put any self-knowledge into the content.  It is as though it is an impossible thing to do.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is such, as it has just been described to be. The Instrument’s intellect must be set aside through the submission of the Instrument’s will to do only God’s Will. The Instrument must commend the whole physical being and Spiritual Being to the Will of God. The Instrument is prepared through formal times in being stripped of a need for specific attentions, where nature and personality usually demand from other men.

The whole core of True Mysticism, based on God’s Will to attract men’s attention and to reorganize men’s thinking, is delivered in a consistency and a constancy of repetitive Direction and Teaching that can be heard or read in a multitude of ways, All containing the same Lessons.

True Mysticism is a Great Gift to mankind for the benefit of all men’s Souls. The Instrument is used by God because of God’s Love for man.  It is easier for men to relate to what they hear through a human being, and it is less frightening to man, but it is also up to the will of all men to see for themselves the Logic, the Clarity, the Soundness that is available to them for the good of their Souls.”

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