ON MARCH 12, 1981


“Scruples are definable because they portray either a deep sense of guilt when there is no need for it, or no necessity, or they phantomize a ridiculous justification beyond normal means and expectations.

Scruples cause concern, worry, and imaginative recourse, rather than a logical approach to a situation.

Don’t have scruples.  Look at what you are involved in ‘head-on’.  See it for what it is.  Don’t phantomize, imagine, or have undue anxiety regarding your way of thinking, your ability to cope with a situation, or fear that you are not adequate.

Scruples are negative, and they delay your sense of success, of progress.  If you find yourself having scruples, the easiest way to correct this is to look at things in a healthy, positive, sound, moral way.”

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