ON MARCH 13, 1981


“As a child we understand we must be corrected, and we must correct our misbehavior or we will be punished in some manner for this misbehavior.  It is logical to recognize and to understand that any misbehavior that offends God must also carry corrective measures, and we are taught that it is up to us to use our Free Will to perform some form of penance to make reparation to God for offending Him.

Both of these forms of awareness, to right and to wrong, and the importance in correcting the wrongs, are great Blessings, not just to learn, but to be put to use for the benefit of our moral values and standards, so that in the physical life we can be morally accepted by other people, and in the Spiritual life we can be pleasing to God because of our total behavior.

It is time that all men begin to understand that the very essence of our Spiritual beliefs say we must not act impurely or offend God in any way, through sound knowledge first, and then, the acceptance of the reality of the soundness to such a degree of not just correcting something because it is offensive, but correcting it because it is reasonable and logical, for the results to be good, and to be successful.

Penance for our daily misbehavior, based on the Ten Commandments of God, should immediately remind us that ‘reparation’ must be made for the good of one’s own Soul.  We must be aware that moral misbehavior reflects in our Soul, and as our Soul is a Part of God that He has given us to return to Him to one day be a Saint with Him, goes without any doubt or question, this Soul, this Treasure, must be in a pure state, and that not one slight blemish is permissible to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Penances can be performed in many ways:  through acts of charity, through acts of self-denial, through acts of prayer, through acts of service to God, helping mankind when they are in true need.

Reparation parallels along the same lines, and reparation for one’s offenses can be recognized and performed by making the wrongs right when possible, using time to correct faults, errors, indignities, especially when one is not feeling like doing it.  Reparation says to repair, make amends.

Penance — Reparation — Sainthood, not impossible.  Only you make it happen.”

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