ON MAY 28, 1981


“Christianity is being threatened even though there are a countless number of men and women shouting passages from the Bible, shouting, ‘Praise the Lord, Alleluia.’ In many cases it is just that, shouting.  In the repeating the passages from the Bible, the translations are not always correct, and many are ill-founded.  Interpretation of the Bible is very important, because when inexperienced opinion translates words that are passages only, this can be dangerous.

The word ‘Christian’ for many years was almost set aside, and the emphasis was on forms of religion, Roman Catholicism, Protestant religions, and there was a dignity in each one; some, more dignity than others.  Granted, all things were not as pure as they appeared, but there was an outward integrity and dignity that gave strength to the flock.  Now what do we have?  We have people shouting, ‘I’m a Christian,’ and of course, this is an important statement, but what kind of Christian?  What is the source of belief in this Christian?  Is there stability in this belief, or is it a wild feeling about following Christ?

Religion must have order, it must have stability, it must have sound doctrine, it must have sound dogma, it must have background of solid truth.  Holy Mother Church is this particular religion, and it has survived a countless number of years against heresies, schisms, power-hungry men, and fiendish plots.

Today Holy Mother Church is as Great and as True as It was since It was first founded by Christ Himself.  Now it is just a case of putting things in order again.  Many Roman Catholics have been misled and misguided.  Others have been abused and mistreated because they did not go along with the radical, improper changes, steps, and ridiculous factions that have put The Holy Eucharist as a symbol, have placed The Tabernacle in an inconspicuous place, and who have backed the emotional, unrealistic beliefs that all, or many people have great power to heal and to do a multitude of other things.  This implication shouts ego, and omits humility from the very core of what Holy Mother Church stands for.

It is time that Roman Catholics recognize the Importance of Holy Mother Church and stop diminishing the structure that belongs to the sound values and sound standards that the Holy Father is trying desperately to uphold in the midst of chaos, turmoil, indifference and rebellion.

For reasons that can only be determined personal or opinionated, some men have undermined the dignity and the solemnity of many practices and Sacraments in Holy Mother Church through their opening the door to laymen, encouraging, and in some cases, forcing them to participate in many of the Sacred ceremonies and activities that should be performed only by those who have accepted the responsibilities of a religious dedication to the Priesthood.

Many of these abuses to the structure of Holy Mother Church vary in parishes or dioceses, and the reason, or reasoning for laxness regarding the importance of so many acceptances that involve Holy Communion, Baptism, Blessing of the Sick, and numerous other things, depends upon the individuals who stand in authoritative positions as to what determines the course they will sanction.

There is no doubt that Holy Mother Church will get back to where It should be, the difficulties will be solved and the reorganization, or perhaps even the re-establishment of Holy Mother Church will be necessary.  Sound specific rules and regulations will force solemnity, stability, and sound structure to return to its rightful place.”

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