ON JUNE 5, 1981


“Throughout the world, no matter where one goes, there is a sense of Godlessness in the attitudes and in the atmosphere around people.  There is a lack of genteelness, a lack of refinement, a lack of sincere caring, a lack of respect, and a lack of dignity.

In the so-called sophisticated air travel that is common to our time in life, there is a lack of feeling for the passengers and among the passengers.

In visiting the different churches, there is no one in the church.  The feeling is frightening.  Now if we truly believe that God is in the church and He resides in The Tabernacle, and we have the privilege to enter and be in His Presence, then why are not more people visiting Him instead of just throwing a prayer out at their convenience?  Why do not more people take the time and visit God in The Tabernacle?

It is important that Roman Catholics start recognizing the Godlessness that is all around, and the importance of taking the time to visit in a personal way The God Who created all things.  A habit of this nature by many people would cause a chain reaction for others to follow, because people would wonder what was going on in there.  By nature, people are curious, and who knows how God would touch an individual who would be curious enough to stand in His Presence in The Tabernacle.  It might be the act that could save this person’s Soul, for you do not know how many times God tried to attract this individual and was ignored because this person was distracted in another way.

The Apostles continued to teach what Christ taught, but without their example, people would have not retained all that was said.

Many people make a living at mimicking other people, usually in jest for entertaining reasons, but every time someone is imitated or mimicked, that person is remembered by many.  Outstanding characteristics are usually the points that are picked up to mimic or imitate.  Why not then imitate the Apostles, Moses, The Holy Family, and The Saints, so that what They did, how They lived, and what They left for all mankind can be passed on through you into time.

It is time that we begin to pass on good, rejecting the evil influence that is prevalent in the world.  People are starving for someone close to God to give them what they need.  There are so many people who are searching desperately for the strength in sound Christianity.  The stories of The Saints should be made readily available.  Not just the Bible should be talked about, but there should be an emphasis on Bible stories so that people do not have to interpret the passages, but can find what they are looking for in Bible stories.  There should be a great effort in teaching about the founders of Religious Orders, what obstacles and good times they had.

There should be an emphasis on the Importance of The Holy Eucharist, the beauty of Novenas that form a special type of prayer for men to follow, Missions for the people to feel the strength of direction from men who sincerely want to encourage a growth of Faith and love in God.  Triduums are another source of getting the attention of groups of people and instructing them for a life of prayer, in a life of prayer; Retreats, with sound doctrine being taught, encouraging the beauty of the Sacrament of Penance and the importance of purity.

As we live now, we live in a pit of iniquity and depravity that is constantly fed by immoralities that involve the mind and the body, plus the continuous lack of obedience to God in every facet of human existence.

Man’s will is a God-given Gift for all decisions man makes, but men must use this will with willingness to change what should be changed, correct what is wrong, or improve things to make them correct.  The use of the will is not always a dramatic yes or no decision, but most often can be best described as a willingness to perform for accountable actions, accepting all responsibility for these actions.

It is time that people recognize the importance of the awareness, the willingness, and the performance of deliberate actions in working to please God more, in striving to make the Ten Commandments the Guidelines for life, and the practice of using every traditional means to grow spiritually for the sake of one’s own Soul.

Forget the gimmicks disguised as Christian behavior that trade only on sensitivity programs, emotionalism, and human weaknesses.  Gimmicks are nothing more than tricks and attention getters, very often to get you to do something you shouldn’t be doing, or that is totally for the benefit of someone else.  In this sense you can be sure that only satan is the instigator for the gimmicks, for it is his method of using chance, deception, and tricks.  When you look at what you have to gain, be alert to what you have to lose.

Sainthood is not the result of gimmicks, but of sound values, standards, and morals, dedicating one’s life to serve God to the best of one’s ability.”


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