ON JUNE 24, 1981


“Privilege, responsibility, obligation, dedication, commitment, a vow, an oath — each of these has an effect on our life, for each of these, from privilege to oath demands the action of our will for a specific reason, for a particular situation or cause.  Each of these bears a particular concern in how we handle one or several of them.

Privileges have many aspects to them and they are binding in many ways.  A privilege does not mean freedom.  It can mean permission, it can denote a special situation, reason or favor.  With each privilege there is responsibility, depending on circumstances, people involved, and reason.

Faith in God is a privilege, has responsibility, bears obligation to specific rules and regulations commanded by God through His Ten Commandments, and through His Church He established for the benefit of our Souls.

Privilege involves dedication, because through the very act of a privilege there must be a certain amount of dedication so that the privilege is never abused.

Privilege encourages commitment, because commitment in many ways encourages understanding, gratefulness and thanks for the privilege offered and accepted.  It is a privilege to take a vow when the vow is for the good, for the welfare, or for the intention of a sound moral act of life, for life, in life.

There is privilege in an oath, for in the oath there is dignity that bespeaks a responsible human being is taking an oath of allegiance, of commitment, of dedication, and values the responsibility that the oath promises is truth.

These are all words we think about, and we rarely see as words we must be aware of in our own life, in our own actions, and in our own realm of usage.”

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