“No one likes to be called a hypocrite, but hypocrisy is very prevalent in the time in which we live.

The word ‘hypocrisy’ defines falseness in many areas of life in a common form.  It means that someone can be two-faced, speak with a forked tongue, be deceitful, and yet pretend to be agreeable or friendly or sincere, or express righteous indignation to cover up their own deceptive ways.

Hypocrites tell on themselves because sooner or later they no longer fool certain people, and their sham shows itself whether this sham is for foolish reasons, business reasons, or Spiritual reasons.

All through time the world has had volumes of hypocrites in all phases of life.  Some are clever in their disguise and fool many people into confidences that in no way can the hypocrite handle properly.

There is much hypocrisy in evangelism because of a strong desire to be knowledgeable, to be powerful, to control, to be looked up to, to make people think they are great religious leaders.

We live in this time of much hypocrisy.  It is a shame that so many people, trying so desperately to find God, are trapped by so many hypocrites who loudly express their interpretation, their translation, their imagination, their opinion, their false idolatry, regarding spirituality.

We will never wipe out hypocrisy, but with our sights strongly on truth, purity, piety, the Ten Commandments of God, we can diminish the hypocrisy in the world in many ways.”

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