ON JANUARY 10, 1983


JANUARY 10, 1983


“Important events in our lives are always preceded by certain amounts of preparation.  The details of these preparations are in accordance with the type of event, the involvement that is entailed in the event, and of course, the true importance this event plays in our life.

In the last ten years there has been a lessened amount of Spiritual preparation for the coming of Easter which in reality is a day of celebration, a day of endearment, and a day no man should diminish in preparing for.

As long as man exists upon the earth there will be the celebration of Easter Sunday, unless man decides Our Lord never existed, and of course, never ascended into Heaven, so there is no reason to celebrate.

Needless to say, in diminishing a Spiritual preparation for this important event is the first step to the ridiculous assumption and thinking prestated, even too difficult to reiterate because of the possible nonsensical desecrating intention.

A good look at Lent is a logical view of one’s Purpose of life, to become a Saint.  To ignore Lenten sacrifices, devotions, is like saying, ‘I don’t need it; my Soul is pure.’ No man alive does not need to take the time to look at what they are all about, what values they are practicing, and what standards they are accepting for the Salvation of their Soul.

It is easy for people to read something practical and logical and then say, ‘I’ve heard it before; I know what I have to do,’ but do they do it?  Repetitiveness, reminders are always needed by man to confirm what God has repeatedly spoken since the beginning of time.

Men have a way of indulging in humanistic pleasures rather than Spiritual practices that seem so one-sided.  In reality, sound thinking would tell man you can never be lonesome when you walk with God.  He is Endless in His Manner of keeping you busy.  There is only lonesomeness when you depend upon man to keep you occupied, motivated or interested.

As we approach Ash Wednesday and we are reminded that the physical will return to the earth, not just as Christians but as dust of the earth, we should realize that this is the beginning of Life that, through the physical, we prepared ourselves for.

It is not a time for depression.  It is not a time to be frightened.  It is a time to prepare for celebration, because in this preparation we automatically grow closer to God, more devoted to Him, and receive happiness in a joy and with a joy that we worked for through small offerings, little sacrifices, and a constant awareness that we must sacrifice to earn the Reward of Grace.

After a period of unselfish preparation, the happiness on Easter no man could give you, for there is more happiness in pleasing God than there can ever be in any association with man.

Remember, Lent is a time to prepare for the great celebration.  Remember, Lent is a time to earn Grace.  Remember, Lent is a Gift of Divine Love for the Purpose God intended:  to open the Gates of Heaven for mankind to rise Above.”

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