ON JULY 31, 1992 AT 3:35 PM


“I am Saint Lawrence.  I begin My Message to you in The Sign of The Cross.  I begin My Words with the Importance of Christianity, Its Purpose in the lives of mankind.  At one time, Christianity was addressed by people throughout the world as having special meaning to It, special instruction in It, expressing what The Father wanted man to see and to understand, as man faced each day with the Goal of life in mind, through the duties of the day, the actions of the day, the example of the day.

Christianity has a Specific Gift of Divine Love within It, because Christianity was meant to be taught to follow a pattern of living that mankind would value for the protection of the Soul.

Throughout the world there are many denominations of religious beliefs, not all according to The Father’s Will.  Some, though not intended to be, are demonic in structure, practice, involvement and demonstration.  Some forms of religious activities are strictly humanistic in their point of view, restricting their beliefs to totally humanistic practices, avoiding any other entity such as the True Existence of God.

There are some degrees of religious worship that can be termed ‘paganistic’, for in this practice of demonstrations and mental determinations, there is no value put on The True God.  Volumes of books could be written on the misinterpretation available regarding a broad terminology for mankind’s belief in what a Higher Being is all about.

You truly live in a time of great heresy, many heresies; in fact, you are surrounded by heretical beliefs by many who openly practice, just for show, a religion that is acceptable by others.  There is a dominating force throughout the world based on what man calls a ‘structured belief’.  It is called, ‘Freedom of Religion’.  So much of this is false in its practice.

It would be much more enjoyable to speak glowing words, expressing the beauty of sound Faith in God, being able to say that throughout the world mankind holds God in the Place of Honor that he should, that mankind is so devoted to the Salvation of Souls that mankind resists all outside distractions.  What a beautiful world man could live in if he would but understand the value to a sound code of ethics, sound code of Spiritual values, a sound code of Spiritual standards, and a sincere love in a form of thanksgiving for being created as man.

There are so many false idols, false ideals, false interpretations, false practices, and these are not hidden from the intellect of mankind, but man resists the value of truths and falls into the trap of the demons who travel throughout the world.  Some say, ‘Man is weak.’ I do not accept that reasoning.  Man has intelligence.  Man has conscience.  Man has duty.  Why does man try to escape what he instinctively knows is logical?  So be it.”

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