ON AUGUST 2, 1992 AT 3:18 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  In Our day, we walked in hardship because of the manner of our lives.  In listening to the Man with whom we walked, we learned so much about what our lives were all about.

It is sad that All we learned has not been handed down through time in the same amount or manner in which we received the Direction that was for the benefits and reason we were born.

At that time, we understood what was spoken and attributed it to our time, never realizing that the History of our lives would be remembered into your time.  We want you to know and understand that your time, through the Written Words, will pass on to millions of people throughout the world, helping them better understand the responsibility of moral conscience, moral decisions and moral example.

Morality is being replaced in so many places, walks of life, and in all ages.  Morality is the basis for Sainthood.  I leave you at this time with a Suggestion that is for the benefit of your Soul: ‘Remember God’s Commandments and remember the Importance of the Time of Our Lord upon the earth.’  So be it.”

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