ON AUGUST 7, 1992 AT 11:37 AM


“I am Saint Michael.  I was given the privilege to speak in the beginning of this Magnificent Gift to mankind, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  I was One of the First instructed to prepare her for the reception of millions of Words that were to pass through her for the benefit of mankind.

The world has been blessed abundantly by the Messages, formal and informal, that have been spoken, many written, so that mankind would understand the privilege of human life and all the things that are involved in human living, plus the Great Purpose for which man was created and the Ultimate Goal for the Soul that was instilled at the moment of conception.

Mankind has been taught the Generosity of The Father in the placement of a Soul, a Portion of Himself, in the beginning of human life of every child conceived.  We have spoken about the Goal of this Soul being Sainthood.

No human being truly understands the Magnitude of this Goal, this Ultimate Gift of The Father.  Mankind must be alerted to All the Words that are being bound, not just for their attention, but for their understanding, and for their realization of what human life is all about and what human life’s Purpose is, and that is to spend Eternity Here in the Heavens, by returning the Soul to The Father, bearing the name of the individual who walked with It through the human life.

Many men and women practice the vocation of instructing others in various subjects.  Many of these men and women are not perfect examples of moral values, moral standards, and many do not have moral ethics, so those who are the students of these individuals must receive information regarding the necessity of spirituality in daily living, and must be taught that no matter how someone else lives, there are Specific Rules that must be adhered to in every occasion of life, in every decision of the will.

I leave you now, but I want My Words passed throughout the world and I want My Name attached to Them, because it is important for mankind to understand that as an Angel Here in Heaven, I have much responsibility and I am forever alert to the needs of man.  So be it.”

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