ON AUGUST 22, 1992 AT 5:00 PM


“Man does not fully understand the Magnitude of My Being.  Man could not understand the reality of how I am aware of every inch of the whole universe, and it is I Who holds all things in place.  I am fully aware of all that occurs in every life upon the earth.  I am aware of every wrong and of every right.  I am aware of all the creations, their reason, their purpose, and the condition in which each one exists, what it contains, and what is occurring in it, on it, with it.

Mankind studies books.  He calls it ‘educational knowledge’.  Man tries to recognize in theory What I Am All About.  I have dignified man’s manner of living by placing a Soul, a Portion of Me, at the moment of conception.  This Soul entitles mankind to a civil manner of living, a higher form of understanding, and most of all, Faith in My True Existence and the necessity to Honor Me, and to understand, as I Am The Supreme Being of all matter, all manner in/for all things, I am The Final Judge of man’s Eternal Life, because within each man there is a Portion of Me.

If I appeared in what is called a ‘sky’, some men, women and children, in your time, in any time of human existence, would deny the sight, the viewing, because man has a way of determining, with the mind, things about Me, things regarding the Power I Am, many times losing sight of What I Am Capable Of, What I Am The Controller Of, and the esteem in which I hold mankind, in the Creation of man in My Divine Plan.

There is so much theory in What I Am All About, What I Would Do, What I Would Not Do, who I would choose to walk a particular path, not just to inspire mankind, but to deliver My Words, My Will, My Love, to benefit the Soul within human life, to be returned to Me in a Light of Glory, showing appreciation and love for Me through this Gift at the moment of conception.

As mankind reads what has passed through this woman to the world, many discussions will be initiated, and I will hear them all.  I use her Soul.  I use her innocence.  I use her feeling of responsibility.  I use her love for Me.  I call her My ‘little victim Soul’, for no matter when I decide to speak or tell Others Here to speak, she responds immediately to My Command, not likely to be if it was an ordinary human command.

I bless the world many times.  Many, to man, has a limit to it, but there is no limit to My Love for mankind.  I want This Message passed throughout the world, as I want All I Have Given to be circulated in the far corners of the world.  True, because not All has been put in script, All will not be passed, but sufficient amounts will be, and I am anxious to see the response of millions of people in your time, and all time to come, have a better understanding of the Importance of human life.  So be it.”

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