ON AUGUST 27, 1992 AT 2:33 PM


“Many things have been written about My way.  There are so Many Saints standing Here in the Heavens, Who are so happy about this Beautiful Miracle that is revealing to the world Important Issues that up to this point, up to this time, have not been revealed in the detail They are being revealed now.

Man’s words would be this: ‘There is an excitement in This Miracle with so much being revealed.  It is like a whole new world opening up, giving Information that is so logical, giving more understanding regarding Saint Joseph, and in many ways declaring openly about our Beloved Heavenly Mother.’

I am not speaking on all the issues that This Miracle contains, because it will be best if mankind reads the Words himself or herself, getting the full value, full content, full meaning, full context, in a degree that each individual can handle.

In many corners of the world, many will repeatedly read particular Revelations again and again and again and again.  Each time they read, they will find more in-depth meaning and will feel, in some ways, many times exhilarated by their newfound understanding of the privilege it is to be a human being.

As I speak, there are Others standing close to Me, enjoying the time with you as you listen to Me speak.  Faith has a Beauty in it, a Strength in it, a Hope in it, a Goal in it, and in all these things, Faith has a Beauty that nothing in the world can compare to, compare with, compare in.  So be it.”

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