ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1992 AT 2:50 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  I come through a woman in the world who is fastidious in so many areas of life, constantly overseeing that things are brought to a completion, and not allowed to be, in any way, cluttered or not done orderly.  It is innate, first, in her nature; next, it is innate in her Spiritual nature.

The details that she is being readied to hand to others is monumental in design, and I have come to alert, and maybe even use a stronger word, ‘warn’ those with whom she will be working, that she will be constantly looking at, looking for the correct design, measurements, and the materials to be used.

It is a sadness Here when We find her hold back from rightful criticism, but she is so personally trained that it oftentimes costs her a great price.  We do not see this with the drawings as much as We see it with other areas of work.  It is not criticism.  It is the desire for perfection to be accomplished for the results The Father wants.

Some men will come, some women.  Some will be ecstatic over her descriptions of design, some jealous, some arrogant.  Some will try to fool her or pass it off.  I must warn them now, ‘She may not be discreet, but command it be done correctly, no matter who they are.’

I smile at this revealing because I was a woman in the world, but I have been given permission to say these things because I can relate to the necessity for things being properly done.  You need not fear that she will put anything before The Father’s Will, or His Presence at any time, for in this Beautiful Miracle, her first attention and intention is the responsibility she knows is hers, and the obedience to this responsibility that is never out of her being.

It is a joy to come and be Part of such a Magnificent Gift to the world.  All races, all colors, all creeds will benefit by the meticulous manner and what man calls ‘first-class results’.  So be it.”

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