ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1992 AT 2:59 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  In your time, there are so many youngsters from the ages of six to twenty-one who must learn to understand that decisions they make are important to their integrity, their ability to understand things, and the privilege of choice where their will is concerned.  Some people might think that this age difference is far-fetched, but youngsters have a tremendous comprehension when it comes to a right and a wrong, especially when they can relate it to something they are responsible for or to; also, when in the teaching at the youngest age, it can be related to other people’s, older people’s, responsibility to make the correct decision.

Children are being infected with not just contagious physical diseases, but are being infected with moral diseases that do not have antibiotics to help cure them.

We have spoken so many times on what is occurring in the world.  It is diabolical.  True, it is not something new, but it has become more obviously prevalent and more indigenous in its existence.

It is instinctive in mankind, for the most part, to protect the young.  In many cases, it is misconstrued.  There are so many areas of human life that must be corrected by those who have a conscience, the willingness to do this act of love in God’s Name.

There are so many people throughout the world who will read These Words, and it is Our Intention, that in certain areas, they will pass by what has been spoken, and then in other areas, they will absorb.  That is why We are speaking so continuously.  We understand certain things will reach some, other things will reach others.

As I close, I want you to know your cooperation with Us is not in vain.  You may not see the fruits of this labor quickly, but somewhere, some time, in some place, you will see it, because what you do is to assist The Father in saving Souls.

Your time is a precious thing to you, but always remember, the time has been given to you by God, and there will be reward to it.  So be it.”

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