ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1992 AT 1:37 PM


“I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I walked a similar path of obedience to The Father’s Will, as this child does.  I walked with men who fought physical battles.  I too had to lead them, and they trusted my Voices because of the logic that was obvious in Its Very Essence.

When I first approached them they were skeptical, because I was a girl and only men fought such battles, but when they realized that the Direction was so Exacting, so Pure in Its Reasoning, their obedience became a common bond between us.

This instrument of Delivery at your time is in constant contact, and is constantly aware of the obedience that she must accept because of the reason for it, and that is to lead an army of men, women and children to follow The Commands of God, and to reach the Goal He has for each one’s Soul.

All of mankind will not agree with her, but she will not falter because of this; in fact, it will drive her on to do more than is humanly possible, because of the Importance of the Goal for the Souls of the doubters, complainers, enemies, nonbelievers.

We are All always present, because of the Purpose and Cause for which This Miracle was handed to the world.

I smile when I make this next Statement:  She took My Name at a particular time of a spiritually formal acceptance (Confirmation).  She did not know why at the time, but she does now.

I come with much Love, much Hope, and a willingness to do all I can to help save Souls.  So be it.”

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