ON SEPTEMBER 30, 1992 AT 11:14 AM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.  Man does not understand the importance of purity of mind, body and example.  Many times when some men explain purity, it can be termed ‘a paradox’.  So many men feel they have the ability to explain the Importance of what life is all about.  In reality, throughout the whole world, it is such a small number; in fact, it is so small that if man were to measure it in one of his common expressions of ‘rating it from one to ten’, it would barely rate one.

When a man seeks power on any subject, he is not always fully capable of the full degree it entails.  Many men and women in high places of authority are blinded by the authority and weak in the intelligence or the ability that they are responsible for.

This Miracle has been teaching for a great number of years, and yet there are still those who do not just deny It, but who are in some ways blaspheming It, because of their own egoism or their own inability to see the Magnitude of What Has Been Given.

I, Saint Rose of Lima, feel it is a privilege to speak today, because This Miracle, in Its Greatness, is giving to the whole world of mankind not just responsibility, but the means and the way to become Saints.  What does Sainthood mean to man?  It is talked about, but does man truly understand the full meaning that is meant when the words ‘the Salvation of the Soul’ is spoken openly?

Children are not being taught the privilege, nor are they being taught the responsibility, nor are they being taught what God expects of them individually.  Mankind is complaining but doing nothing about it.  Mankind has more interest in personal power, personal gain, personal advantage, personal acclaim, than man ever thinks of the Importance of the Soul.

I want you to know that a Supernatural Love is constantly delivered through This Great Miracle.  So be it.”

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