ON OCTOBER 27, 1992 AT 2:10 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  I have taught much through this Beautiful Gift from The Father called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  All of Us Here watch closely over This Miracle, also very protectively, because of the nature of this Gift of Love, the Importance of It, the Purpose of It, and the Deep Love that extends from The Father through It.

You live in a time where it takes great courage to express, to follow, and to be example of moral values, moral standards, moral truths.  True, Those of Us Here Who have once lived the human life, were born in many areas of the world, but We All had one thing, a Soul.  Now, Our Soul had no nationality, no preferences in human things, nor does yours.

This Beautiful Miracle, to many of you is so natural to understand, because It so clearly states Direction for the benefit of each one’s Soul.  It is a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle designed to alert mankind in how to live and what to strive for:  Sainthood as the Goal.  It is not a complicated Miracle.  It is a Miracle that has spelled Everything out in your terminology.  Mankind is being spoon-fed by Heaven.

The Bound Words will be read and will reflect in many ways through those who read Them.  Do not look for personal gratification when people do not exclaim over the Beauty, the Magnitude, or how much effect These Revelations have had or are having in their daily life.

This Miracle follows a Great Plan.  The Plan is to get mankind to better understand why the Father gave, three thousand years ago, His Commandments to live by.  They were not meant for just that era of time, but for all time to come.  If The Father did not mean for all time, you would not be hearing about Them three thousand years later.

These were followed one thousand years later by a Great Sacrifice, not just human but Supernatural, giving evidence of the necessity for mankind to follow in many ways, the path of purity, the path of understanding, and the path of Christianity.

There is great sadness when We look at so many areas in the world you live in today.  It is not just the briar patches that mankind is struggling in, but it is sad to see so many ignoring the Importance of God’s Commandments, and diluting moral actions, thinking, example, not caring what the consequences could be or will be.

Satan is rampant throughout the world.  Mankind is ignoring all the desecrations to the mind, the body and the Soul.  Mankind says, ‘It is the time in which we live.’ I, Saint Elizabeth say, ‘If this is what you base your decisions on, better you look to what path is taking you straight to Hell, and then get off of this path.’ There is a Hell.  So many times We hear mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, remark about something they’re displeased with and they say, ‘I am going through a hell on earth over this thing.’ Their comparison is far inadequate to what Hell really is.

I have come today, hoping that when My Words are passed down They will be fully understood by someone, hopefully many, and when They are understood It will change direction, thinking, of the individual or individuals to practice more purity of mind, body.

There are so Many Saints Here Who would talk all day and all night in your time.  Of course, We know this is not feasible, but there is so much for mankind to think about and for mankind to see.  The values of living each day need looking into, the accepted morals need looking into, and of course, obedience to God’s Commandments.

As I speak, there are Others Who stand with Me and They say, ‘Saint Elizabeth, tell all who read These Words, We constantly pray that God’s Will, will be done, and mankind will better understand the Importance of the physical life and be aware of the Soul that is within.’  So be it.”

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