ON OCTOBER 29, 1992 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  I have spoken many times through this Gift of Life and Gift of Love from The Father.

Mankind looks at the Cross The Beloved One hung upon.  Mankind sees horror in Its very presence, in Its existence.  True, this was a terrible atrocity, especially to One so Pure and One Who was so Important.  The Purity and Importance did not eliminate the Physical Suffering.  In fact, if it could be fully, truly recorded, These Things made it worse in its degree.

Mankind in your day, is justifying all atrocities, all abominations, all desecrations that make The Crucifixion less painful, because in comparing the two, what is happening in your day is affecting so many Souls throughout the world.

Mankind ignores what is happening because he or she does not associate it with their own lives, and yet as I speak through This Miracle, the immorality that is being practiced at this very moment is beyond human comprehension, and there is no sorrow attached to it, only greed, lust, anger, weakness, and an in-depth retaliation that no one is capable of fully describing.  There is so much hate, so much ugliness, so much envy, all based on excuses, poor excuses, excuses that have no validity to them.

Let us all go back two thousand years ago.  Let us stand at the Foot of The Cross.  Now let us look at the soldiers pounding the nails.  Now ask yourself, could you be one of them?  Now step back three feet and watch the Body sagging, feel what He must have felt, the inside of His Body collapsing, dropping so low, getting torn by the nails, and suffocating from this position.  Would you cry out?  Could you cry out?

The immorality in the world today is without a doubt, great suffering.  Perhaps no one sees it, but We Here see it, and We Here are crying out through This Miracle for mankind to stop and begin to realize what is happening, what you are partaking in, what you are accepting, what you are allowing in many areas of life.  As I speak I want to shout, ‘Stop it!’ I want to tell each individual man, woman and child, to see the Importance of human life, why it was created, and the Purpose for which it was created.  Man thinks only of each moment: ‘Is it satisfying?  Is it what I want?’ Mankind must look deeper into what life is all about.  Life is not just a daily role, but life has a Goal that supersedes all other things.

If man would say: ‘Why am I reaching for greater things?  Why do I desire greater things?  What motivates me to have greater things?’ I, Saint John of The Cross, want you to think about that innate feeling that there is more to life, and even wanting the most and the best is all right when it is for good, when it is pure, when it is honest, but the Soul in each individual is What creates that innate feeling for a Higher Place, a Better Place, more understanding, and believe it or not, It is a Goal Setter.

Faith in God passes through the Soul.  When there is great evil in a human being, the Soul is tortured in some ways unknown to man, because there is a struggle within for right and purity to win over wrong and impurity.  Mankind, through This Beautiful Miracle, is being taught to think, to respond, to act, and to reach, to better understand what the Purpose of life truly is, and sound Faith says it out loud: ‘It is to return the Soul to God in the State and the Manner and the Light He once gave It.’

Do not forget, when you borrow something from another human being, they expect it back.  God has loaned the Greatest Gift that man could ever have.  Through returning It to Him, you can be sure of one thing:  as He blesses your Soul, He will make It a Saint.  So be it.”

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