ON OCTOBER 29, 1992 AT 3:09 PM


“I am Saint Catherine of Laboure.  It is a privilege for Me to be able to speak at this time through This Beautiful Miracle of The Beloved One, Who is now known by many in the Rightful Order in which He Exists, as The Third Person of The Holy Trinity.

This Miracle that has presented to the world so many Revelations, with so much Direction, allowing so Many of Us Here to partake in giving mankind Sound Truths, through Loving Sound Direction, when We speak it is Important, for Every Word We say is to direct mankind to understand what a Valuable Supernatural Gift of Love he is the custodian of, a Soul.

In years past it was taught to a degree, it was discussed to a degree, and it was spoken of to a degree, but through This Miracle of Divine Love, Divine Hope, the True Value of the Soul has in many ways been described.  The Magnitude of This Miracle shows through Every Revelation, because The Father’s Intent is so Magnanimous by the mere fact He is allowing so Many of Us to partake.

Our Heavenly Mother watches over This Miracle, guides It and guards It to the fullest, because of the impact It is having and will have, on millions of Souls throughout the world.  Do not forget, Her Protection before this time was also when They walked the earth in human form, and yet were Divine.  What a Lesson in Divine Love this was.  Mankind in those days knew This Trio was Special, but did not know to what extent, for they could not have handled such Phenomena, and The Father knew at that time It was not to be shown in the Magnitude It truly existed.

Ignore any contradictions, ignore any insistence that This is not a probable Fact.  What you have learned is Fact, not fiction.  What you have learned is for the benefit of the Salvation of your Soul and the Souls of millions more.

When mankind feels he or she cannot handle This Beautiful Revelation, tell them this: ‘Read more of Them, and perhaps you will find the Direction you need for the benefit of your Soul in One of Them.’ There are so many men, women and children throughout the whole world who try to ignore Truth because Truth bears responsibility.  Truth has a pattern to it, a goal to it.  Truth has within it an undeniable factor.  Truth is bound by good, respect, hope, Light, and in Truth there is a strength beyond human understanding.

In My Love for This Miracle, I oftentimes look at those who have benefited so much because of an openness to the Beauty that the Revealing of so much has given a Beautiful Strength in everyday living.

Before I leave I want you to know, when I walked the earth and I would kneel and pray, I sometimes felt I was all alone, but then when I found within my belief that God did hear what I would say, I found peace and I could face another day.  So be it.”

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