ON NOVEMBER 6, 1992 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  At one time, when an important personage of a particular title was presented to the people, or sometimes a salute of some form was given, men would shout, ‘Hail to the King!’ It would be loud, and many times spoken several times.

The King of Kings has come to the world, has allowed much Information, Direction, Correction and Instilling for the physical good of mankind, the moral code of ethics of mankind, and for the Spiritual growth of all of mankind.

When man thinks of The God of All Truth, The King of Kings, The Ultimate Source of Power of all the world, for the world, you never hear even a whisper saying, ‘Hail to The King.’

This Miracle has been given to the world to give mankind the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Light, the Spirit of Life that is so beneficial to strengthen man’s understanding as being the custodian of a Soul.

When man walks into a place wherein there is to be solemnity, Honoring The King of Kings, man chatters and he omits to recognize the place wherein he is, as being special.  He omits the Respect, the Dignity, the Attention, the Honor and the Recognition of The Divine Presence.  Man forgets the building was built for this.  Man ignores that he is walking into a chamber that is to be met solemnly, and of course, the form of dress is to be respectful.  Small children are not being taught respect for The King of Kings, and yet the very same children will be told, will be reprimanded for not saying ‘Excuse me’ at a small interruption of things.

As We look at mankind We do not understand, with all man has, why there is so much heresy, mockery of the House wherein only respect should be seen.  Man accepts all the false doctrines that are being taught.  Man accepts all the imperfections of other men.  Man says, ‘I cannot correct what is going on.’ ‘Then,’ I, Saint Stanislaus say, ‘be example; it carries more direction, more weight, than just talking about it.’  So be it.”

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