ON NOVEMBER 10, 1992 AT 10:12 AM


“I am Saint Sebastian.  Though it will be difficult for many people to believe I would speak at this time in their life, through one like themselves, does not mean My speaking is not so, for it is.

The world has been in extreme turmoil many times since it was first created by The Father.  Each time such turmoil and upheaval would attack the morality of mankind, The Father would use someone or some thing that would be of such impact that it would cause many individuals to be reminded of Him, and the alarm would trigger changes; plus, He would use an individual, a particular situation in which several would see the Divine Light, and use their Faith in Him to stand up for what was needed to put God and His Will in the forefront, so mankind would see the Intervention of Divine Light and stop the heretical, diabolical, blasphemous, humanistic destruction to the Souls of millions of people.

When man has a human enemy, there is always need for caution, mistrust, and concern.  So it is when mankind has a threat against his or her Spiritual welfare.  The enemy must be cast out, cast back into darkness, because the Soul of a human being is used to purity, Divine Light and Divine Hope.

This Statement is so logical, because it is innate in a child to want love, affection, trust, happiness, security, hope, progress, and even cleanliness.  How a child is held, fed, corrected, talked to, instructed, has example to follow, cared for, is an indelible mark on its whole existence.  Even when there are times later in life when things are introduced that are obviously the opposite of what had gone before, there is hope because of the foundation that is indelibly an innate everlasting experience.”

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