ON NOVEMBER 19, 1992 AT 2:05 PM


“I am Saint Callistus.  I have spoken many times through this Heavenly Gift of The Father’s to mankind.  I have not announced My Name because I spoke during Teaching periods, so it was not necessary for Me to be recognized as the Teacher or Instructor at that time.

Man fears a volcano because when it erupts, it sends hot fire into many areas where it causes total destruction.  Man would never compare the wrong in the world to a volcanic eruption, because mankind does not see the magnitude of destruction that is occurring because of all the sins of impurity, all the sins connected to the destruction of the children, through many means of association to their mind, their body, their dignity, and of course, to their will.

Let us look at the lava pouring from the volcano.  People are running in every direction to avoid it because they know it will take their lives.  It is a killing force that mankind can relate to.

Now let us look at a more prevalent killing force throughout the world, not just in isolated areas.  Men, women and children are obsessed with undignified, unrealistic impurities in their mind, in their actions, in their speech, in their activities, in their example.

I want mankind to understand that the pressure of the lava, the force of the lava from the volcano is not as dangerous as the ugliness, the obscenities, the sacrilegious activities mankind so easily is absorbed in, and does everything to draw others into the danger it is.

A clergyman sometimes gives what man calls ‘a sermon on Hell and Damnation’.  He uses strong language to get their attention.  He pounds his fists to wake them up, to emphasize.  There is so little, many times, that he truly says or follows up to continue the lesson.

As I speak, it is with Great Love for the Souls of mankind, because the Soul is a Living Portion of human life that has a Particular Purpose, Reason, Existence, and this Soul must be cared for tenderly, and must be talked about, learned about, recognized as the Portion of man that was designed to Live Forever.

Man’s will is a very important part of life.  If you did not will to get up in the morning, what kind of life would you have?  Would you have life at all, for how would you take care of yourself physically?  If through your will, you decided to never talk, how would your life be?  Would not these things be self-destructing, actually giving your life no meaning, no purpose, no goal?  It would be lifeless.

Remember, your Soul is a Living Part of you and this Soul is the Recipient of all you think, all you say, all you do.  So be it.”

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