ON DECEMBER 3, 1992 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Gregory the Great, a Title given to Me for reasons that were decided upon by others.  There are many times I walk with My hand on this child’s shoulder, because there are so many who, when they see her, oftentimes question what they feel about her, and do they know her?

Many of Us guide her directions more times than she understands.  The world, as it has been spoken about before, is not just in turmoil, but there is an absence of belief in God’s Commandments.  All ages are finding difficulties in trusting, in sharing, in believing, and in acknowledging not just the presence of strangers, but the intentions of strangers.  This is sadness to Us because We see in all human life, a very Important Portion connected to the conscience, to the will, called ‘the Soul’.  There has never been so much taught regarding that Important Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.

At one time in conversation, It did have some prominence wherein It was discussed, but This Miracle has delivered so much Information stressing the Importance of the Soul, and This Miracle has given so much happiness to All of Us Here, because it was evident in watching what was occurring throughout the world, that man forgot about the Soul, Its constant Presence within the body, mind.

Many in the clerical vocation do not feel any inclination to teach in sermons or in example, about this Most Important Part of human life.  There are so many misinterpretations that evangelism is stressing, elaborating upon and dwelling upon, because they find this manner of instruction comfortable, due to the education they received or their inner feelings regarding Faith in God.  I do not say that some of their instruction cannot help in certain areas of alerting certain individuals to better understand the importance of Faith in God.  Of course, some carry it beyond its constructive measures and in this form of teaching, lose sight of the fact that those who are listening get lost in the interpretations, the meaning, and do not feel or see reason to hold as gospel truth, what they have heard.

At different times throughout the History of mankind, The Father has sent leadership Designed by Him, Controlled by Him, Delivered by Him, giving mankind Information, more understanding of the Purpose of human life, and the great Gift it is because of the Purpose for which He created it.  Many who have learned the basic facts of spirituality, sometimes inwardly crave to have more definite terms, terminology, to lean upon and to strengthen what they inwardly feel, inwardly believe, as important to their daily life.

There have been so many Lessons delivered in such straightforward, clear Wording, that it will be difficult for many who read the Words to say they have not learned, or have not been given a better understanding to the Purpose of human life and its worth.

As I leave, I am assured that My time, in what I have spoken, is not wasted, nor will It be cast aside, because I know that at some time, in some place, someone will read My Words, and hopefully It will give them a strength to conquer one or more impurities in their manner of life, because they now better understand the Importance that The Father has handed to every human being, the Purpose for the Soul, and of course, that very important part of man, the will, to carry out The Father’s Will according to His Plan.  So be it.”

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