ON DECEMBER 3, 1992 AT 3:13 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  There are so many Lessons yet to be taught.  Some men and women would say, ‘Surely there is enough on record now to help the whole world.’ You must remember that This Miracle has been given to the world to help, to instruct all types of personalities in all areas of vocation.  Logic says it would take many different approaches because of these conditions, these circumstances.

Each of Us Here speak, hoping that Our Words will touch an individual and give them some type of human relationship that they will associate with, for do not forget We, too, came from different ways of living and family life and personal experiences.  We also spent Our time in areas of the world where many who will read just Our Names, will automatically feel an association with Us, and in many ways feel a closeness.

There are always reasons why The Father Designs different Miracles that He allows mankind to learn from.  We always look at Our time in This Miracle as a Precious Gift of Divine Love, because We know the Great Purpose for which It was designed, and it is a privilege for Us to be involved in Its Delivery to mankind.

Many have read things about Me, many have My Name, so maybe one will see, through this little way, that We can be in tune with each other, and it will give strength, hope, purpose, and encourage Faith in a way that will be developed, so that this little individual will become a Great Saint.

Every individual’s Soul is Precious to The Father, and there is not One more loved than the Other.  Remember this when you pray.  Remember this as you walk through each day.  There are no favorites in His Love, for each child, each adult, was created by Him and each one bears a Portion of Him, a Soul.  So be it.”

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