ON DECEMBER 21, 1992 AT 1:35 PM


“Time, to mankind, is important because of the structure designed by The Father, for daylight and then darkness.  Time is of the essence now, for the need of millions of Souls throughout the world.

It is good that mankind is concerned with physical food because physical food is a necessity to life, but so many throughout the world are not getting nourished with Spiritual Food which, in reality, has tremendous strength in It, and It is a Source for all of the human body, sustaining it morally, physically and spiritually.

Man says, ‘I must eat physical food or I cannot live.’ This is truth, but so many place the emphasis on physical food, appearance, habits, and forget that there is complete starvation where I am concerned in their life.

So many would say, ‘God would not speak.’ I do, I have, more often than is possible for you to remember, for through This Miracle I have Designed for a Great Purpose, I speak in what you would call, you would understand, you would interpret, you would feel, as normal conversation through this Victim Soul you are so close to.

It is true, many learn many Lessons in spontaneous meetings with her.  There are many who remember a few moments of conversation.  I smile at this, for you see, it is My Way of giving strength, sometimes courage, and oftentimes nourishment that in human form would not be termed ‘nourishment’, only a chance meeting, a conversation, a topic of a particular subject, or a few friendly Words when They are most needed.

The strict obedience this instrument is continuously aware of and immediately told to act upon is unusual for mankind, because man is used to doing things either on a personal schedule or when the time seems the most likely to talk, to research, to define, to communicate on many different subjects.

So many throughout the world are starving for What has passed through This Beautiful Miracle I have given with a Love and with a naturalness and with an immediate access to.  A Victim Soul, to man, is one who must look, in appearance, different than others.  That is not My Way.

Much is to begin.  Many changes will be taking place.  Much movement must be forward and no one must stand in her way.

Man says, ‘The one who leads the government of a country is the Commander in Chief.’ My Rules are similar, for do not forget that all the Souls throughout the world are within My Reach, and when I want Them to be part of This Great Miracle, I reach out in many ways to give Them access to partake.

As the Bound Words are tremendous nourishment for the mind and the Soul, I want you to remember that though many will fight to prevent These Words, they will be stopped by Me.

As I speak to you today in such a normal way, how else could you have heard the Words, for if I had approached you in a different way, there is no doubt it could have frightened you, it could have confused you, and you would not be understanding This Important Message that I have given to you in this way.
So be it.”

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