ON DECEMBER 21, 1992 AT 2:20 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  Many of Us are announced to be the Patron Saint of a church, of a school, or some religious organization.  So many times those who belong to these individual places forget to speak to Us.  They only remember Our Name.

Many of Us Here have particular areas of life that We are dedicated to, and We are always listening for individuals who request certain answers, certain help in these areas.  This does not mean that We do not hear all the prayers that are requesting some form of help.  The final judgment on, to what degree it can be done, We can be Part of, is determined by The Father.

When We speak up and try to help an individual, We must take many things into consideration:  the purpose of the request, the reason for the request, and what results will be the most beneficial for not just that moment, but time to come.

I, Saint Andrew, say: ‘Your repetitiveness in prayer is good.  It is necessary, because it is your sign of Faith, your love for your Faith in the power of prayer, and how you act in your love, your hope, your respect, your attitude, and then your acceptance of The Father’s Will as the results take place.’ Never feel a prayer is not heard.  Never feel that you are passed by and We are busy another place.

It is difficult for many to feel there can be so many different categories of religious beliefs, and that all who pray through their own belief will be heard.  Please remember one very important issue:  All children are born with a Soul and the Soul is a continuous communication with The Father.  Remember to teach the little ones that they must honor their Soul and they must remember to keep It pure, according to God’s Commandments.
So be it.”

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