ON DECEMBER 22, 1992 AT 3:05 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  As We look at all areas of what is occurring in the world, it is difficult for Us to accept so much struggling between the good and the evil.  As you know, when you open the door, through conversation or a situation that you are unfamiliar with, many times there is something that you wish you were not looking at, exposed to, in sight or words.

Today, in your time of life, there are so many facades that cover up satanic intervention.  So many people are not seeing the disguises that are being hidden by what is up-to-date, all right to accept, and a new standard of thinking.

If mankind were to see, in every part of the world, the earth release millions of poisonous snakes, it would be impossible for mankind to deal with, to control it, and it would be a very frightening experience.

You can compare this with satan’s intervention in many places, with many people’s ideas about what is entertainment, what is normal living, what is totally acceptable, because mankind has blinded themselves in a tremendous degree of temptations, of indecencies, of sacrilegious activities.

Man says: ‘I do not want to believe there is so much wrong in the world.  When I read such Words as These I become irritated.  I do not see things in this manner.’ That’s right.  Mankind has become so accustomed to thinking lower and lower in the degree of discernment regarding purity versing impurity, that it is becoming easier and easier to adjust, to accept, to partake in all that is disagreeable to God’s Commandments.

Man says: ‘I want the best out of life.  I want everything I can get.  I want to be rich.’ Of course, mankind means material gain, tremendous monetary values, and freedom in every area of life.  By freedom, I mean, to interact with all areas, even the most acceptable morbid abuses to the Soul, to God’s Commandments.

When mankind celebrates a scheduled Holy Time, he does not always remember the Spiritual side, the beneficial tribute regarding the part his or her Soul is involved in.  This is the last thing on man’s mind.  I, Saint Agnes say, ‘Celebration should be a happy event, one that remembers that dignity must be evident in every area, and that the Soul must never be forgotten.’

This Miracle has given so much emphasis on the Importance, the Magnitude of that Precious Gift of Divine Love.  Remember, example can be the finest form of teaching, and it can be the most memorable act of love to everyone you come in contact with.  So be it.”

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