ON DECEMBER 26, 1992 AT 9:28 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  There is so much moral confusion throughout the world.  Many people who have held a great importance on The Commandments of God, have suddenly set Them aside because of what they feel is a thing of the past, that the moral code of ethics has developed into more liberal thinking because mankind has changed.

This is a tremendous sadness, but even more than sadness, We Here see it as a major destructive attitude and a cause for alarm for all the Souls involved.

Mankind says, ‘We live in a modern world,’ and on the other hand, the same ones who say the last statement cannot handle the physical plagues that immorality is the basis of.

If the whole world of mankind, for one day, would continuously repeat God’s Commandments, and not enter into any other form or topic of conversation, it might appear or sound or feel dull, but there is no doubt, in the memorization of The Commandments, a bell might ring the next time One was to be broken.

Mankind justifies all new concepts; he calls it ‘modernization’.  Let Me remind you, there is nothing in the world more updated, more modern, more logical, more reasonable, more understanding of human life, than God.  Mankind forgets that ‘creation of all things’ came from God, Who is More than any human mind, ability, could ever come close to.

Mankind must, for his own good, remember God’s Commandments and stop rationalizing, justifying, making excuses for the slightest disobedience to Them.

This Message is for all races, all colors, all creeds, for though mankind comes from different parts of the world, there is no human life that was conceived without a Soul, without God’s Intercession, and of course, without being one of God’s Creations.

I want My Words to travel throughout the world, because even the smallest intellect will be able to understand the Justice of God, the Love of God, is written in His Commandments.  So be it.”

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