ON NOVEMBER 25, 1993 AT 1:58 PM


“Our Entrance through this small instrument in the world is always spontaneous and she has been prepared for Our Words at a moment’s notice.  This would be difficult for most human beings to understand, but nonetheless, This Phenomenon is in their midst for the sake of all men, women and children, of all cultures, of all degrees of heritage throughout the world.

This Miracle is oftentimes the Subject of discussion, for It, against It.  There’s also much envy from some, because they do not have the Faith, nor the ability to understand how The Father would work for the benefit of Souls of all mankind.

Mankind is aware, if he throws a drop of ink on a blotter, the mark left will automatically be much larger than the drop, because the blotter will absorb the discoloration, or color, to a greater degree.  The Words that pass through This Great Miracle, This Gift of Divine Love, can in some ways be compared to a small drop, that once It is read, once It is heard, It expands in meaning many times different to each individual exposed to It.

It is important that all races, all colors, all creeds, be introduced to Every Word that has been put in script, because there is so much Meaning, so much Direction, so much Love, so much Proof of the existence of All That Heaven Is About, all that mankind is about, and the Importance of the Connecting Link between God and man, the unseen Portion of Divine Love, the Soul.

I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  The Heart of The Beloved Son is constantly in the midst of mankind.  It is a Part of mankind that says ‘life, energy, hope, and a unity with God through The Son of God’.

Those who will read These Words must understand They have been passed through a Victim Soul for the benefit of all men living now, and those who will yet be born, because These Words, and All that have preceded this time, will live forever.  So be it.”

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