ON MARCH 19, 1994 AT 1:28 PM


“I am Saint Lawrence.  I have not openly made My appearance through This Beautiful Miracle that The Father has given to the world, as a Precious Gift of and from Divine Love.

There is a sadness when mankind hears of This Miracle and immediately rejects It because of personal opinion.  This Miracle is so obviously of Divine Origin, Divine Delivery, Divine Intervention, that in spite of human rejection, It will be passed down through time, because of Its Importance to the Souls of those living in this time and Those Who will live in time to come.

As I speak, I am fully aware of all this child endures for This Miracle to be recorded.  It is difficult for so many at this time to see the Magnitude and the Personal Love radiating from The Father, instructing mankind in the Importance of human life and the Importance of the Soul given at the moment of human life.

Man says: ‘I am told I have a Soul.  What effect can I feel supporting the knowledge of This Portion within me that is so Important?’ I, Saint Lawrence, want you to know there are so many facets, physical, mental and Spiritual, that in a very positive way point to the Reality of a Soul being present.

Take one day and ask yourself: ‘How many times today did I recognize something that was right or something that was wrong?  If I were an animal, would I record these things mentally?  If I were vegetation, would I see the right from the wrong?’

Does it not take more than intellect to discern sound moral values, sound moral standards, from immorality, indecencies, and diabolical pleasures, diabolical intercession?  Look at the mind God gave a human being.  This is obviously a great Gift, because the mind has the capability of learning so much, is also involved in all the actions, habits, abilities of human life.

Awareness is in many ways a Gift, because through awareness mankind can grow mentally, physically, morally, spiritually.  Mankind should always remember to thank God for the Gift of human life.  It has the Greatest Goal of anything on earth — Sainthood.”

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