ON MARCH 26, 1994 AT 2:02 PM


“I am Saint Paul.  I have spoken many times, but I have not always announced Myself.

The changes that mankind is making regarding the proper manner to respect, love, honor The Father, is not fully acceptable because of its lack of dignity and its manner in which it is using more humanism through words, directions, eliminating the Magnitude and the Importance of The Father’s Purpose in the Creation and for the Creation of mankind.

In human life, when too much attention is focused on improper familiarity, little dignity, and so much is taken for granted, it breaks down a solid relationship and causes a lack of sincerity.

Man says: ‘I hear there are Saints in Heaven.  I am told I should go to Them in prayer.  There have been many stories written about the lives They led in the human way, but I cannot relate to the perfection that the stories imply.’ I, Saint Paul say, ‘The reality of there being a Heaven, a Purgatory and a Hell, should make mankind see in a realistic way, the importance of learning more about why man was created and The Father’s Reasoning behind mankind’s existence.’

You live in a time worse, in many ways, than the times in past History.  You say, ‘Why worse?’ I say, ‘Because the time in which you live mankind has been educated and instructed to better understand the importance of the living life, than the Life that comes after this.’ It is not just information, it is Fact, it is Truth.  It is because The Father’s Love for mankind is so Extraordinary, Extra Special, and has in It a Divine Purpose, a Divine Hope, a Divine Reason, a Divine Love, a Divine Goal.

Volumes could be written on why mankind was created.  I, Saint Paul say, ‘Because The Father, in the design of man, gave a Special Love, a Special Purpose, and instilled Something of Himself that He did not put in any other living matter.’

I bless you through This Miracle that bears the Name of a Special Portion of The Father, The Spirit, The Love, The Hope.  So be it.”

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