ON MARCH 26, 1994 AT 8:50 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  There is a veritable disaster with the appearance of a hurricane, driven by a force of confusion that can be described as diabolical intercession, possession.

It is difficult for so many men, women and children to see the force of evil that they are constantly being encircled with, in the areas of entertainment, friendships, acquaintances, and even in certain family circumstances.

So many Warnings have been given, so much Direction simply stated, through This Miracle at this time.  There is a sadness in Our midst when We see and hear rejection of Our Words, because it is obvious that much jealousy is the cause.  The enemy uses jealousy as an interference, as a source of confusion, misinterpretation, so that the sound evidence regarding the importance of sound moral standards and sound moral values are relaxed, and not made an important issue.

Granted, so much confusion, distractions, and various means of occupying man’s time with diversions is tempting, because time is not being used purposely looking for sound values and sound standards.

Mankind fears a volcanic eruption, a physical disaster that is earth shattering, but I come on this night to remind mankind that to lose one’s Soul is far worse, more devastating, than any such disaster.  My Words are not just Words of Warning, but Words to remind mankind that human life is a Gift to be treasured, never to be cast aside for diabolical pleasures.  So be it.”

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