ON JUNE 2, 1994 AT 1:35 PM


“All through time I have chosen particular times to transmit to mankind the Truth of My Presence, and the Value of human life, its Purpose, its Goal.

Presently I come through a small one in the world I call ‘a child’, for this is what she is to Me.  I have passed through her directly, thousands and thousands of Words, All Meaningful, All with Great Purpose in Each of Them, instructing mankind personally in why I created mankind, and the Goal I have set, for mankind to return to Me.

As I look at the conditions surrounding This Gift of Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Purpose, Divine Goal, I raise My Hand in a forceful manner, and want mankind to realize What they are rejecting that comes from Me.  Needless to say, I see ego, jealousy, indifference, a lack of True Faith in How I Would Work, and a lack of understanding in the Reality of why I created mankind.

This little voice through whom I speak is gentle by nature, but mankind must understand an important part:  there is great responsibility in Everything that is spoken, Everything that is delivered, bearing My Name or the Names of Others Here with Me.

In times past, when I gave to mankind My Messages that were Obvious by Their Nature, Their Content, Their Direction, could never be mistaken as coming from a human desire, a human purpose, a human design, a human love.

This little one I constantly use, is faced with many issues that have great purpose in each of them.  The main purpose is to awaken, alert, and teach mankind what life as man is all about.  My time with My Words is consistent, constant, and direct.  I allow no man or woman to contradict, diminish or condemn My Words as being false.  I speak directly through a voice mankind can understand, can feel comfortable with.  This manner of doing things is a Greater Love for mankind than mankind realizes.

As I Bless the world with All My Words, I want all mankind throughout the world to hear of This Miracle, and to have All the Words possible for them to have, because different Messages will be read, understood, and applied, according to the dimension of an individual’s mind, their background, their degree of Faith in Me, and the manner in which they understand the Importance of human life, to Eternal Life.  So be it.”

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