ON JULY 6, 1994



I’ll tell you what I see.  I see Three of Them.  I see Saint Joseph and He is in gold, and He’s smiling.  I see a huge Crown, not over Him, but I would say about three to five feet in back of Him.

The Crown has many jewels in it.  The Crown is the Crown that was to be on the Hill.  It’s huge.  It was the Crown that was to be in the Basilica.  There was to be one in the Basilica and one in Our Lady’s Chapel.  This one was to be in the Basilica.

“The child is staring at Me.  She says, ‘I don’t know Who You are.’ I smile at this.”

He’s still smiling.  He won’t tell me Who He is.

“I will pull her in deeper.”

It is John The Baptist.  He’s smiling.

“She keeps looking for the Third One she sees.  She does not recognize Him either.”

He smiles and He says, “I do not expect you to recognize Me because the pictures you have seen of Me do not look like Me.”

It’s Moses.  He still smiles.

Saint Joseph says:

“They have spoken many times through this little one in the world, but They did not speak Their Names for many reasons.  They walked a similar road as this little one walks.  They were strong men, and in her thinking They were powerful, and she finds it difficult to associate with Them because of the manner in which They have been spoken about in books.

Each of These suffered greatly at the hands of others.  It was men against man.  This little one, in many ways, fights a battle as difficult as Theirs, but in her gentleness and genteelness she does not see it in this manner, for she knows that the physical strength is different.

But I, Saint Joseph, say to you on this night, ‘As We All speak through a small voice, a small body, a strong will, We bless everyone who comes in contact with her physically, or through the Words passed through her.’

As she walks in what man terms ‘a normal world’, that is, a world in which man can relate to, be a part of and consider as a normal manner of life, she walks in two worlds:  the one We control and the one I just described to you.  The Words that have passed through her have a continuity to Them, a deliberateness in Them, a goal for Them, and reason behind Each One.

She is watching My Face and looking at the Other Two.  They are yet smiling at her, for even though she has seen Many Here, she can humanly relate in some areas of what Their tasks were, and yet it is Their physical aspect that overpowers her.

I draw her in deeper, because of the gentleness within her being.

We heard her describe to you the existence of noise when We speak to her and through her, and how it is conquered by the Relationship she has with All of Us.  It would not be humanly possible to write, retain, or be able to submit totally, if it was not Divine Power, Divine Will, Divine Intercession, because man would be incapable of the interruption and yet be totally submissive to the rhetoric that must be written in a manner of understanding to all mankind.

I add more to this on this night.  The world in which you live is gathering to speak more of the language We speak through her, because of so much interest in this language than in any other language throughout the world.

I am speaking slowly because of the little one’s exhaustion from listening day and night to Our Entrance, to Our Words, to Our Instructions, to Our Manner of doing things.

Many men, many women desperately work at rejecting what This Miracle that bears My Name is all about.  There is great sadness Here when We hear falsehoods, lies, misinterpretations, and spiteful accusations against her, and so much regarding the jealousy that surrounds her by men of high positions.

This Miracle of Communication is the Most Important Thing in the whole world.  It is a Miracle of Instruction delivered by Us, for the Souls of all mankind.

She stares at My Face because she is fully aware that the Power that radiates from Me through her Soul, through the intellect, holds her whole attention to Everything We do, We say, We present, and We show her, that has to be done.

Ecstasy is not a manner of condition that mankind fully understands.  It is not a physical submission.  It is a Manner of Control that We have over one who has the Responsibility to commitment of service designed by The Father, for the good of mankind.

I will release her slowly, for if I did it quickly it would be too difficult on her physical.  She is always in ecstasy, as you know, even when all things look normal, natural.  There is too much to be accomplished to allow it to be any other way.

She says to Me, ‘Why don’t You speak faster?’ and I smile at this.  She has a Oneness with Us that is constantly there, and not seen by others when We decide it to be that way.

There is danger, there is envy, there is jealousy, regarding this little one who walks totally in My Name.  She stands up to all, even you, when she feels things are not being accomplished according to The Father’s Will.  We always smile, because you see, her human love for you, her understanding of you, is greater than you realize or know.

This is not easy for her, Our speaking so much, but I, Saint Joseph say, ‘This Miracle must be seen throughout the world, through the Words that have been spoken through this little one.’

The world is in great danger, great turmoil, and great resistance to The Father’s Rules.  It is a great sadness Here when We see so much desecration to an individual’s Soul.  The Father has given mankind the means, the source, to return this Gift to Him in Light beyond what mankind can understand light to be.

You have been Blessed because of your belief, your Faith.  Don’t toss it away for anyone, anything, because the more you use it, it will strengthen you in many ways.  It will give you hope that nothing else is capable of doing.

So much has been spoken, so much Divine Love passed to you.  Ask yourself this:  If We did not use a small instrument, a voice you can understand, and a physical place to speak to you in, you would have missed My Message on this night.

We All raise Our Hands to bless you, for this Blessing will give you the strength of mind to be better able to withstand the problems, the trials, the temptations, the indignities, and this Blessing will also give you a hope, because in hope there is strength, there is love.

She will tell you what she sees now.”

They took the Crown away.  Moses is smiling.  He says, “What a little one God has chosen to repeat What He gave Me a long time ago.”

And now John The Baptist is over here.  Moses was here, Saint Joseph was here. (Frances points Their positioning in the Vision.) John The Baptist is smiling and He says:

“Never allow anyone to diminish the Great Love that is in ‘the pouring of the water’, the Blessing that goes with it, and teach them to remember it was My work upon the earth, Guided by The Father, Blessed by The Son, and in it was The Spirit of God, for the Souls that it touched.”

Saint Joseph is smiling and He says, “I know it’s serious, child, but it must be done.  So be it.”

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