ON JULY 16, 1994 AT 4:25 PM


“So many men want to chastise this little one because of their envy in how she walks for The Father.

I am Saint Christopher.  Man has in some ways eliminated My Name from their order of thinking regarding Saints.  I smile at this, and yet there is a sadness also, because All of Us Here enjoy and desire to help everyone who calls Us to their attention, either in hope, request, and/or just to have Someone hear their plea for some special purpose that We are known for.

This little one stands alone in the world and is constantly the topic of discussion, mostly negative.

So much must be accomplished that has been requested by The Father, either by Him, or that He has asked Others of Us Here to see is accomplished.

Mankind, in the Gift of human life, has been Blessed with a Special Gift of Divine Love, and that is in the Light of the Soul handed at the moment of conception.  The Soul is also a reflection of the individual’s moral or immoral values and/or standards, behavior and example.

Please allow many to read All that has been written for so long, because in a few Words it could change the path of wrong to the path that leads the individual’s Soul to the Feet of The Father.  So be it.”

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