ON JULY 17, 1994 AT 3:35 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  Many of Us stand and wait for the sign to speak.  Mankind is unfamiliar with such Phenomena.

This little one through whom We All speak must be alert every moment of every day.  When We awaken her, she is told through words understandable in the language of her way, the subject and the format that will be understandable in Direction, to develop in more Spiritual understanding, more human understanding, that is applicable to the lives of one or many.

I bring her in deeply because of her physical and mental exhaustion.  I move closer to her and she will describe what she sees.”

I see a big Chair, one which man would expect one of royalty to sit in.  Above the Chair, a Huge Crown that is gold, and all different gems.  This Crown has no attachment to the Chair.  It appears to be standing in mid-air by itself.  It is a Place of Honor.

“Now she sees, parading before this Chair, Other Saints, Each One laying at the foot of the Chair, a gift.  The gifts are gold, and other things decorated with jewels, and in their very structure, condition, are significant of great value.

She keeps looking for the Chair to be occupied.  We All smile at this, for this child is constantly concerned about all things being proper, conclusive in all details, and inclusive of all areas that logic relates to.

This Vision is representative of human life, preparing the Soul as a Treasured Gift to The Father; also, arriving in a different degree of Light, due to the human life that It was attached to.

As I speak on this day I have an Important Message:  Mankind must understand that through This Miracle of Divine Love, there has been constant Instruction and Direction verbally, and through the written Word copied from vocally permitted means, so that mankind cannot make excuses that he or she cannot remember what was spoken in their presence.

Many of Us Here say, ‘We were not this fortunate in Our day.’ The Father is handing to all of mankind, complete Instruction, Definition, and the reasonability for All of It that is not complicated but can be and should be fully understood, for all races, all colors, all creeds of human life.

We hear many excuses, many definitions, many interpretations, many false promises when the Words are read, and the individual or individuals fully understand the subject.

Mankind must understand that human life was created as the Ultimate Gift of Divine Love, and all things connected to it, in it, were Special in Purpose, in Reason, in Goal.  All of Us, Those Here with Me now, send This Message to help mankind stop walking in the shadows, thinking they are hidden from The Father’s Eyes.

All human life is born with a Soul.  Some men say, ‘If It is such an Important Part of me, why can I not see It?’ You experience the Soul in everyday living, through the knowledge of what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil.  It is experienced through conscience, intellect, nature, hope, Faith, and the will.

I have come to say: ‘Mankind must stop playing games with this Precious Gift.  It was not given as a toy, but as a Gift beyond human life.  It is an individual Gift of Divine Love, never to be tampered with, never allowed to be jeopardized for any reason, for any human decision.  It is a Gift of Divine Love to be returned to from Where It came.’  So be it.”

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